Loan insurance: a finance company broker can help you!

Its insurance intermediation activity allows the broker Lite Lenders Finance to present, offer and help conclude insurance contracts. In fact, as an insurance professional, he objectively assists and advises the client in setting up insurance guarantees adapted to his needs.


The broker assesses the bank’s insurance offer

In general, a borrower with health problems has every interest in subscribing to the group contract which pools the risks of its members. In this approach, the “healthy” pay for the “less healthy”. Conversely, a borrower in good health has more interest in turning to the delegation of insurance.

To benefit from a more detailed analysis of these major trends, the broker Lite Lenders Finance is a precious asset: his perfect knowledge of the insurer market will allow him to assess the bank’s offer and quickly determine if he can get a better contract with its partners .


The Lite Lenders Finance broker opens up your loan insurance prospects

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Today, if 85% of insurance contracts are made with banks, as part of a group contract, it is mainly for reasons of comfort (fewer steps to be taken) and lack of awareness of the alternatives.

With Hamon law, a borrower can change insurer at any time during the first year of the loan; with Bourquin law, it can terminate it on each anniversary date. These legal provisions are there to promote competition, while ensuring equal or even superior conditions to the banking contract.

In borrower insurance, the special feature of the broker Lite Lenders Finance is to offer several options

to its customers. Beyond the group contract traditionally associated with the loan offer, he can make several quotes from his partners to allow you to compare the different proposals.


The broker directs you to an offer dictated by your situation


By carefully comparing the different proposals (those of the loan offer and those of the companies requested), he can “build” a la carte insurance with you, playing on different parameters: the quota or optional guarantees to influence and optimize the amount of the monthly payment.

The broker Lite Lenders Finance offers an individual contract to meet the specific needs of a candidate for loan insurance, because he will have taken into account his personal situation by offering him a personalized rate!

For example, in light of your professional situation, is it relevant to subscribe to the “job loss” guarantee? Otherwise, should it be insured at a 100% rate? By talking together and assessing the risks on a case-by-case basis, you will be able to fully make your decision.

Beyond the first meeting, the Lite Lenders Finance network has chosen to be paid only by the banks: in other words, its services are completely free for you. Under these conditions, quickly make an appointment with the broker in your region, to talk about your loan insurance, and see with him if you can optimize it and try to reduce your monthly charges!

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